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Our blog serves as a dedicated space for professionals in the plumbing and heating industry to access the latest opinions and insights on digital marketing. Here, we explore the evolving world of online marketing through the lens of plumbing and heating businesses, offering expert views and analyses.

22 Jan 2024

Top 5 Plumbing Advertising Tactics

In this post, we look at our top 5 plumbing advertising tactics designed to help you outsmart the competition & secure more plumbing leads.

02 Jan 2024

Local Service Ads

In this post, we look at local service ads, and why they are fast becoming the most important marketing tool for businesses looking to drive new customers.

15 Dec 2023

Text Message Marketing for Plumbers

In this post, we look at why text message marketing can be an incredibly effective tool for engaging with customers and driving future business, with a few tips on how to implement it successfully.

05 Dec 2023

Benefits of Local SEO for Plumbers

In this post, we look at why search engine optimisation can play such a pivotal role for plumbing and heating businesses, and explore of a few of the best practices for achieving organic search success.

27 Nov 2023

Social Media For Plumbers

In this post, we look at how plumbing and heating businesses can use social media to both engage with their local communities with relevant content that can showcase their expertise and win them new business.

23 Nov 2023

Online Reviews For Plumbers

In this post, we look at the vital role that online reviews can have for plumbing & heating businesses, as well as the tips on how to maximise them for your firm.

21 Nov 2023

Websites for Plumbers: What to Know

In this post, we look at the reasons why having having a well-designed, highly proficient website is vital for plumbing and heating businesses looking to drive customers from online users.

20 Nov 2023

Advertising For Plumbers

In this post, we look at the rising importance of digital marketing for plumbing & heating businesses, and explore a few of the core strategies that can contribute to success.

08 Nov 2023

Plumbing Advertising: Google Paid Search

In this post we explore several of the key reasons why paid search advertising is such an effective marketing tool for plumbing & heating businesses. When implemented correctly, PPC can act as one of the most cost-effective drivers of high quality leads to businesses.

01 Nov 2023

Our Origin Story

In this post we explore the reasons behind how and why Pretzel Plumbing came to be. From understanding the value that plumbing & heating firms can gain from digital marketing, to the realisation that many firms are underutilising the opportunities available to them, if using them at all.